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Welcome to the Lex Brodie’s Tires Rewards Program!

Serving the 4 Big Island locations (Hilo, Pahoa, Waimea and Kona)
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We are pleased to introduce the Lex Brodie’s Tires Rewards program. Earn your favorite Miles/Points just by using Lex Brodie’s Tires for all your automotive needs. You can choose from a variety of currencies, including Big Island Caveman Points and a selection of other popular reward currencies such as airline miles, hotel points and gift card points. Earn 1 Mile or Point for every $2 spent at Lex Brodie’s Tires. To our loyal rewards members - Please Note: At the time of your transaction, you may choose to earn Miles/Points in the rewards program OR you may accept any applicable in-store discounts (only one award will be honored per transaction).


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