Earn Miles or Points on all qualifying purchases with Lex Brodie’s Tires and Lex Brodie’s Fast Lube. For every qualifying purchase you will earn 1 Mile or Point for every $2 spent.


We will promote different bonus offers periodically, so please check back regularly and ensure the email address you’ve used for your Lex Brodie’s Tires Rewards profile is current. Also, to ensure continued receipt of our emails, add our email address: rewards@lexbrodiestirerewards.com to your address book or contact list. You can also try right-clicking the email and selecting ‘Not Spam’, ‘Not Junk’ or ‘Never Block Sender’.


  • Base Rewards are earned at a rate of 1 Mile/Point per $2 spent (sales tax and shop fees do not apply).
  • Please Note: At the time of your transaction, you may choose to earn Miles/Points in the rewards program OR you may accept any applicable in-store discounts (only one award will be honored per transaction).
  • Bonus Offer reward values will vary from event to event.
  • NOTE: This program features a 30 day grace period - so any transaction(s) made within the previous 30 days from your enrollment date will automatically be included and you will earn Miles/Points in your chosen reward program currency.
  • Miles/Points are processed on a weekly basis but please allow an additional 2-4 weeks for your Miles/Points to appear in your chosen reward program account.
  • Our goal is to help you get as many Miles/Points as possible! But, transaction totals that apply for Miles/Points, may not be exact to your invoice. Taxes and shop fees do not apply and there may be other minimal items that may not apply. Lex Brodie’s Tires and Lift & Shift reserve the right to modify the reward program offers at any time with or without notice in accordance to the Terms & Conditions.